How The Radcliff is Setting a New Standard of Communication for Residents

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The Radcliff independent Livingassisted living and memory care, in partnership with Serenity, is pleased to be among the first in the country to use Serenity’s Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living. This HIPPA-compliant and secure communication technology is advancing the way residents at The Radcliff are communicating with their loved ones, friends, and peers. Through Amazon’s Alexa voice AI and video technology, residents and their families love using the video call feature knowing their interaction and conversations stay private thanks to Serenity’s secure platform.

Each residence at The Radcliff is equipped with an Alexa and when a resident moves in, their family is also given an Alexa, free of charge, to make seeing each other and communication as effortless as possible. Gone are the days of missed birthdays, holidays or other special events due to weather, distance or health. “We have gotten so much positive feedback from our residents and their families about how much they love their Alexa. They really appreciate that The Radcliff truly invests in the wellbeing of our residents, knowing that keeping in touch with family and friends is a huge part of staying healthy and happy,” said Becky Greely, Executive Director. 

While the video call feature is the most popular usage of the Alexa, a guide provided to each resident and the community’s hospitality staff actively shows and teaches every resident additional functions throughout their time living at The Radcliff. Some other popular functions widely enjoyed are:

    • The music feature – Residents love the ease at which they can hear their favorite songs or listen to a cherished album by just simply asking Alexa to play it.
    • The scrolling feature – Residents simply refer to the scroller on their device to easily see birthdays, daily activities, announcements and other helpful community information.

What Other Ways are Technological Advancements Helping Aging Adults?

As virtual assistant software, like Alexa, continues to become more accurate, accessible, and user-friendly, aging adults are progressively using these advancements to improve their quality of life. This and other technologies are being leveraged in order to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life in the following ways:

      • Smartphones, tablets, and computers are providing easier access to online resources such as health information, news, and entertainment.

      • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat allow aging adults to keep up with the lives of their family and friends without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

      • Playing online games and participating in virtual classes can provide an engaging way for aging adults to stay active and intellectually stimulated.

      • Online fitness programs can help them remain healthy and fit without having to go to a gym or wellness center.

      • Telehealth and telemedicine services allow aging adults to receive medical advice and treatment from the comfort of their own homes. This can be especially beneficial for seniors who are unable to leave their homes due to mobility issues or medical conditions.

      • Mobility aids like scooters and power chairs are becoming more advanced, making it easier for aging adults to get around.

      • Assistive technology can help with everyday tasks like managing finances, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of medications.

      • Home automation systems can help aging individuals stay safe and secure in their own homes by monitoring their activities, connecting them with emergency services, and even providing reminders to take medication.

    While all of the above-mentioned ways are important and utilized methods aging adults are using technological advancements, they are increasingly primarily using digital platforms to communicate with family, friends, peers and community.

    How are Aging Adults Using Technology to Communicate?

    From video chatting to social media, technology has revolutionized the way aging adults interact with their families friends, peers, and community. For many, technology can provide an invaluable connection to the outside world. It can be difficult for aging individuals to stay in touch with friends and family members who live far away, but with the use of video chat services, they can now easily reach out to their loved ones. Video chat allows them to see and hear their friends and family members face-to-face, creating a more meaningful connection and eliminating the issue of distance. 

    Overall, technology has enhanced the way aging adults live and communicate. It has provided them with an invaluable connection to the outside world through simplified and more meaningful ways to stay close to their loved ones, friends, peers and community. The Radcliff has leveraged these advancements to be among the first in the country to bring a secure communication technology to their residents with Serenity’s Alexa Smart Properties for Senior Living and Amazon’s Alexa voice AI and video technology. Paired with The Radcliff’s established positive reputation with the community at large, it is proving to be the senior housing of choice in the greater Chicago area.

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